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Sometimes you have to move on.  Not because the person or situation has been resolved.  Not because you have been heard or because your feelings and concerns have been violated.  Sometimes you have to move on simply because it is the best thing for your health.  This decision must be made when emotional stress manifests itself physically.

Today, as I sat stewing about a situation at work I realized that my RA symptoms had gone from background noise to loud and intrusive.  It seemed the more I agonized over the problem the more physical pain I found myself in.  I have always known that stress was a trigger for me, but today really hammered the lesson home.  I went from slightly stiff to having joint pain that made me catch my breath when I made certain movements.  It was in that moment that I had to make the decision if being vindicated about a work altercation was worth hours or perhaps days of pain due to prolonged flare brought on by stress.

So I had to let the situation rest.  Not because I wasn’t right, or I felt that my grievance was unfounded.  I instead chose to preserve my life outside of the work environment.  I want health and a full life.  And for right now, this means that some skirmishes will be conceded so that I may win the war and achieve my goal of a healthy life!


3 thoughts on “Emotional

  1. Thats a wonderful blog entry! It makes total sense and actually was just what i needed to hear. I suffer from CFS and the same thing applies with stress. I have been so worried about school work lately that i have made myself so much sicker. And thanks to you, this has helped me stop stressing so much and focus on looking after myself. Keep writing your entries are great! Feel free to check mine out too 🙂 xoxo

  2. Ah, the S word. Good for you for connecting the dots. Often, we forget about the things that have stressed us, hours, days, weeks before. Cortisol is cumulative and is well-documented to trigger inflammation.

    My life (and RA) is so much better now that I recognize stress (soaking in negative thoughts and emotions) and know what to do about it. My hope is that all people who struggle with RA are able to do what you have done.

    Using simple do-in-the-moment techniques like substituting a positive memory, feeling appreciation changes one’s heart rate variability the more it is practised. Yes, learning to let-go is also a biggie.

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