Name Change

Too much of my time and effort this last year has been spent on what RA is doing to me rather than how I can make my body and mind healthy enough to fight back against this disease. I am tired of the label chronically ill. It implies defeat. I suggest that what I am dealing with is actually a long term battle for health. The chronically ill label suggests that the battle for quality of life has already been lost and those of us in long term battles for health are defeated. But I am not defeated. Health and quality of life is not elusive for me. I just have an extra persistent opponent that wants to block my victory. In any long term war there are battles that result in victory and in defeat. Chronic opponents are not the sort of foe that turn tail and run. They may fade into the background only to come roaring back and mount an attack that leaves the health of the fighter bruised and battered. But that doesn’t mean health fighters are without their own weapons. A strong, healthy body can withstand the onslaught of chronic attackers so much better than a body that already battling for health due to poor nutrition and excess weight. That is what I am preparing myself to do this year. I want to fortify my body against the chronic attack RA unleashes. I want to know that my body is as strong as it can be for the battle. I will win some battles and I will lose some. That is the nature of the warfare my body is engaged in. But I will do both in good health. As RA retreats I will make sure that I give my body the nutrition and exercise needed to repair itself. When I am under attack I will not go into self-destruct mode (can anyone say finishing off a pack of O.reos by oneself). I will instead do my best to give my body the ammunition it needs to give RA a run for its money. I will stop stressing my joints by making them carry extra weight day in and day out. I will meet chronic attacks with chronic health in an effort the even the playing field. I will give myself a fighting chance.


Something New

There will be a new, more focused direction for this blog coming very soon.  I have been doing some research about how food affects those of us with RA and other chronic diseases.  I’ll  documenting my journey to health and weight loss in the upcoming year in more detail than I did this year.  I will be documenting my journey to a “cleaner” diet and how eating whole, unprocessed foods with anti-inflammatory properties affect my pain, stiffness, and fatigue.  

  But for the next 2 days I will be enjoying all of the holiday treats my tummy can handle.  After that I will challenge myself to get healthy. I am excited about documenting this renewed direction in my life.  It will be interesting to see how these up coming diet changes will affect my health!