Call Me . . . Maybe

“Don’t forget to call if necessary.”  And with that my 6 month rheumatologist appointment ended.  I have been seeing Dr. B for 8 years now and he has never reminded me to call him if I need to.  The statement left me feeling cold.  This is because I have and do call him when my RA has the upper hand.  Yes, I am one of those RA patients who will call the office begging for something, anything, be done to ease my pain.  And his office and staff are great about working in an appointment or calling in a prescription when needed.  That is why I felt his statement was so disconcerting. He has never felt the need to remind me of this option before.  He also asked me if I was comfortable keeping my appointments every six months.  I put on a brave face and said yes. But in the end of the appointment there was a silent acknowledgement that I am not in remission anymore.  I am not in a flare at this point, but every day I am painfully aware that I have RA.  And after my appointment with my Rheumy, I know it isn’t in my head.  After all, in my 2 years in remission we never discussed upping my meds.