Short Term and Long Term Disability?

I recently signed up for short and long term disability for my job.  I have a lot of mixed feelings about my decision to do so.  I have about 8 weeks of sick time which would theoretically cover any short term illness but I decided to sign up for short term disability anyway.  My line of thinking was that the extra income from the insurance would be helpful if I truly was injured and couldn’t work for a couple of weeks.  I also decided to sign up for long term disability-it just feels like the responsible thing to do.  You never know about life and it only takes a split second for your life to be turned upside down.


Even though I am at peace with my decision there is a small part of me if my monthly fees are just a waste of money.  We have all seen those news specials in which insurance companies used any excuse not to pay out benefits if someone has a pre-existing condition.  I am afraid that they will use my RA as an excuse not to pay.  If my primary care physician can somehow find a way to make everything about my health a side effect or related to my RA I am certain a determined insurance company will do the same.  I am not sure how much “insurance” I will have against short and long term illnesses.  So I am gambling on the fact that the insurance company will do what it is supposed to do and pay for any medical disabilities other than RA.  I am also afraid that they will tie anything claim I make to the fact that I have RA in order not to pay benefits.


Work Life

Part of my return to health will be to find a job that fits my needs both physically and emotionally.  The 13 hour days and mandatory overtime is sucking the life out of me.  I find that lately the only thing I have time for is work and sleep.  It is becoming too much and my stress levels are way too high.  I find myself overeating or eating foods with a lot of sugar to try to get an energy boost just to make it through the day.  RA already reduces my energy levels considerably and now the work stress and long hours are making it even worse.  I am also finding that I am stiff or have low level pain nearly every day.  I am afraid that the stress of my job will push me over the edge into a full blown flare.


So I have applied for a few jobs within the same company but in a different department.  I plan to call human resources and try to find out what I can do or if it is even possible for me to change departments.  I have been at my current job 8 years and would hate to have to start over again.  But my health and peace of mind is worth so much more than what little seniority I have at my current job.


I am still going to the gym 3-4 times a week but my unhealthy eating habits and general lack of time to cook has derailed my weight loss.  Thankfully I haven’t gained anything back-I am just not seeing the scale move at all. 


I feel like I am all over the place emotionally right now.  I feel as if it may be time for a good cry.  I just feel overwhelmed right now.